Route to School Maps

Maps can be an effective tool for boosting active school travel by providing families with visually engaging information about walking and cycling routes, park and walk locations and school zone traffic rules. Click on the thumbnails below to see different examples.

Walk to school

Niagara Region Park Walkability

Developed by Niagara Region Public Health
Software: ArcGIS
Data Sources: ArcGIS (Streets)/Local Area Municipalities (Crossing Guards)/Niagara Region (School & School Walkability Buffers)

Thunder Bay School Routes Map

Developed by EcoSuperior and Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Software: ArcGIS
Data Sources:  School Boards & Student Transportation Authority
(Location of students’ homes in the walk zone)

Toronto Active Routes to School Planner

Developed by Green Communities Canada
Software: OpenStreetMap (base map)/Word
Data Sources: City of Toronto Interactive Map/Google Map

Park and Walk

Waterloo Parking Map

Developed by the Student Transportation Services of  Waterloo Region
Software: QGIS online
Data Sources: Google Maps/Municipal Crossing Guard data

Ottawa Walk-a-Block

Developed by Ottawa Student Transportation Authority
Software: Word document
Data Sources: Google Maps

Bike to School

Ajax Bike to School Map

Developed by the Town of Ajax
Software: ArcGIS
Data Sources: Town map data

School Zone Drop-off and Pick-up

Toronto Drop-off and Pick-up Planner

Developed by Green Communities Canada
Software: MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Pro
Data Sources: School administration/Site visit

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