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Green Communities Canada (GCC) has been a leading organization promoting active school travel for two decades. We do this through research, advocacy, resources, partnerships, and on-the-ground programming. 

Our work is focused on the goal of making walking, cycling, and other forms of active, safe, and sustainable transportation the norm for trips to and from school. 


Our Staff 

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Kate Berry

Program Director

Kate works with school boards, municipalities, public health and other civic organizations to promote active school travel and implement School Travel Planning in Ontario. She is a civil engineer and previously worked for Sustrans, a leading UK sustainable transport charity, where she managed the design and construction of active transportation infrastructure. She has also worked as School Traffic Plan Coordinator for the Upper Grand District School Board, working with schools to improve traffic safety, reduce vehicle congestion, and increase student active travel. 

Nicole Roach                                

Program lead, active transportation

Nicole leads the active transportation programming at GCC, engaging with diverse stakeholders through various Ontario Active School Travel initiatives. She has worked in sustainable transportation for several years with a focus on commuting behaviours and community engagement. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys exploring by bicycle, photography, and cooking at home. 

Xuedan Xu                               

School travel planning facilitator

Xuedan is a facilitator for the Toronto Catholic School Board’s school travel planning programs. She is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, having obtained a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation. She has worked in the public sector, as well as with non-profit organizations, with a goal to improve the quality and accessibility of community engagement programs. When not at work, Xuedan enjoys running, camping, and hiking outdoors.   

Sabat Ismail                               

School travel planning facilitator

Sabat is a Greater Toronto Area based School Travel Planner with Green Communities Canada. She has several years of experience advancing active transportation initiatives at various non-profits and municipalities. She is passionate about programming and art supporting engagement in active transportation.   

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Our Partners

Our key provincial partners are committed to supporting active school travel through funding, research, advocacy campaigns and regional coordination:  

GCC is also part of the Active School Travel Canada working group to connect the leading organizations for active school travel across Canada: 

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