About us

Green Communities Canada has been a leading organization promoting active school travel for two decades. We do this through research, advocacy, training, educational resources, events, partnerships, and on-the-ground programming.

We have a simple but compelling goal:

to make walking, cycling, and other forms of active, safe, and sustainable transportation the norm for trips to and from school.

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Our staff

Kate Berry

Program Director

Kate works with school boards, municipalities, public health and other civic organizations to promote active school travel and implement School Travel Planning in Ontario. Kate is a civil engineer and previously worked for Sustrans, a leading UK sustainable transport charity, where she managed the design and construction of active transportation infrastructure. Kate has also worked in Ontario as School Traffic Plan Coordinator for the Upper Grand District School Board, working with schools to improve traffic safety, reduce vehicle congestion, and increase student active travel. Contact.

Wallace Beaton

Manager of Community Engagement & Capacity

Wallace discovered his passion for active school travel in 2007 as a parent volunteer directing bell-time traffic at his children’s school. In 2009 he joined Green Communities Canada as the first School Travel Planning Facilitator in Ottawa, growing a small pilot project into one of the largest, self-sustaining programs of its kind in Ontario. As GCC’s Active & Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) Program Manager for Ottawa he conceived and launched an innovative Walking School Bus pilot, helped create the Ottawa School Active Transportation Network and has been recognized by the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Safety Council for his commitment to safe, sustainable school travel. Wallace is a graduate of Queen’s University, Université Laval, and Algonquin College, and recently completed the Next Generation Certificate program at Simon Fraser University. Contact.

Celenna Ciuro

Project Coordinator

Celenna assists in the delivery of the Ontario Active School Travel project to promote active school travel and implement School Travel Planning in Ontario. Celenna’s academic work as a transportation and health geographer has evoked her interest in the importance of advocating for active transportation. Celenna is a Master of Science graduate at McMaster University, where she assessed the factors that influence the daily trip usage of Hamilton, Ontario’s bike share program SoBi (Social Bicycles). She has also contributed to the Hamilton Active Living Project, linking individual behaviour data with built environment characteristics to assess whether neighbourhood perception has an impact on walking behaviours. Contact.

Laura Zeglen

School Travel Planning Facilitator

Laura works closely with school communities in Toronto to identify barriers to active and sustainable school travel, particularly with regards to the built environment, and to collectively come up with solutions and plans of action to overcome these barriers. Laura has a background in education and public health. She has trained and worked as a teacher in New Zealand, and holds a Masters degree in Education and Public Health Policy from the University of Toronto. Her public health research includes exploring how the journey to school intersects with considerations of socioeconomic background, geography and gender.

Louise Clunas

School Travel Planning Facilitator

Louise works with schools in the Toronto District School Board, municipal and community partners to improve traffic flow and minimize risks within school zones and routes to school in order to encourage children to walk and wheel safely to school. Louise has a background in project management and business analysis within the non-profit sector, with a focus on optimizing work flow, identifying gaps and mitigating risks. She holds a BSc in Earth Sciences, Geophysics option from the University of Waterloo. Contact.

Isooda Niroomand

School Travel Planning Facilitator

Isooda completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning and her first Master’s Degree in Urban Design in Iran. She moved to Canada two years ago to obtain another master’s degree in Engineering Design, focusing on Sustainable Community Infrastructure, at McMaster University. Before joining GCC she was involved with the School Site Design Project at the City of Hamilton where she was introduced to the initiatives GCC undertakes toward encouraging more kids to walk and cycle to school. Isooda facilitates the Toronto Catholic School Board’s school travel planning programs. Contact.

Sanjana Sharma

School Travel Planning Facilitator

Sanjana joins the OAST team as a new School Travel Planning Facilitator in the Town of Ajax. An engineer by training, Sanjana previously worked in the energy industry where she managed small to medium projects in the areas of planning, operations, and maintenance. Her community building experience includes leading the Oliver Bike Club in Edmonton where she engaged residents and helped increase their confidence with using bike lanes. Contact.

Fenella Hood

Communications Coordinator

In her role as Communication Coordinator for Ontario Active School Travel, Fenella promotes our vision of a walking and wheeling student culture. Fenella is a graduate of Environmental Visual Communication, with many years of experience working for non-profits delivering social and environmental programming. Fenella uses multimedia storytelling to inform audiences about project news and convey inspirational reports of progress in active school travel across Ontario. Contact.

About Green Communities Canada

Ontario Active School Travel is a program of Green Communities Canada (GCC). Founded in 1995, GCC is a national association of community organizations that help people go green – in their homes and gardens, on the road, at work, and in the community. GCC and its member organizations work together to help Canadians:

  • improve the health of our communities
  • conserve resources for future generations
  • reduce pollution