Spring into Spring

Spring into Spring is a walk and wheel event celebrated throughout the month of April.

The spring season is a great time to get active outdoors. Join students across the province as they go to school by sneakers or wheels, scooters or skateboards, even pogo!
It’s the journey outside that matters. 

Celebrate with walking and wheeling encouragement events. These activity ideas and resources will help in planning and promoting Spring into Spring!

Many schools organize a Spring into Spring event during April as a way for students and families to welcome spring and to celebrate walking and wheeling in their community. A Spring into Spring event can be linked with other environmental celebrations during April such as National Wildlife Week and Earth Day. Events and activities can happen throughout the month of April: once, twice, or many times! They can be group walks, school assemblies, meet and greets – the ways to celebrate walking and wheeling in spring are limitless.

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Spring into Spring

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