Ontario Students Sprang into Spring!
Mrs. Dzikowski’s grade 8 class at St. Timothy taking part in The Spring into Spring Fitness Bingo Challenge (Photo by: Mrs. Dzikowski via Twitter)

To celebrate the new season, students across Ontario took part in the annual Spring into Spring campaign by choosing active ways to get to school or exercising outdoors.  

For 2022, Ontario Active School Travel (OAST) and Ophea challenged schools to take class outside and complete the Fitness Activity Bingo Sheet. The Sheet had 16 exercises, like hops, jumps, and skips, with movement variations for everyone. The activities were completed indoors for virtual learning movement breaks, outdoors for phys-ed classes, and along walks around the neighbourhood. 

Lots of schools rose to the challenge and we were blown away by all the photos and videos shared on social media! Check out some of these fun examples of students getting active: 

Kudos to all the teachers who got their classes pumped up for the challenge. Schools from across the province entered the Spring into Spring contest, with nearly 1,000 students having participated in the Fitness Bingo exercises!  

Congratulations to the Spring into Spring prize draw winners: 

  • Terry Fox Elementary School in Barrie 
  • St. Timothy School in Mississauga 
  • Regency Acres Public School in Aurora 
  • Kemptville Public School in Kemptville 

Schools can celebrate their participation by downloading and customizing the Spring into Spring Certificate of Recognition. We encourage teachers and parents to check out Ophea’s 50 Fitness Activity GIFs to keep your kids moving through spring and into summer!  

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