School Travel Planning Toolkit

The STP Toolkit contains everything you need to implement School Travel Planning in your community:

Please note that the toolkit is designed for elementary and middle schools and may require some adaptation for use in secondary schools. Resources specifically for older students can be found toward the end of the toolkit.

The STP Handbook

The STP Handbook provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the School Travel Planning process.

The 5 steps of the STP process, including links to tools for each phase, are also summarized below for quick reference.

Phase 1: Set-up the project

Getting STP started involves appointing a Facilitator, identifying the schools and stakeholders to participate, and establishing STP committees to support and oversee the process.

Key tools:

Establishing STP Committees:

Communicating to the school community:

Phase 2: Assess conditions

The second phase of STP involves collecting the information needed to identify and understand local school travel issues. The data collected in this phase also provides a baseline against which progress can be measured over the course of the STP process.

Key tools:

Conducting a school travel survey:

Conducting a family travel behaviour survey:

Assessing the built environment and traffic:

Phase 3: Develop an Action Plan

The third phase of STP is to develop a plan of action based on the issues and barriers to active school travel that have been identified in Phase 2. Action items should be realistic and measurable, and it’s important to identify responsibilities and deadlines.

Key tools:

Developing ideas of what to include in the Action Plan:


Documenting the Action Plan and STP process:

Phase 4: Implement the Action Plan

The fourth phase of STP is all about making the Action Plan happen! This requires ongoing communication with the school community and STP committees and requires updating the Action Plan at regular intervals to track progress.

Key tools:
Phase 5: Evaluate progress

The fifth and final phase is the evaluation of the STP project and involves collecting follow-up data to compare to the baseline data collected in Phase 2, and updating the School Travel Plan to document Action Plan progress. Phase 5 also involves celebrating successes and planning resources for the continuation of the project.

Key tools:

Conducting a follow-up school travel survey:


Conducting a follow-up family travel behaviour survey:


Conducting a benefit-cost analysis of the STP process:


Recognizing achievements and celebrating success:

High School Resources
French Resources

These resources are useful for promoting active school travel in francophone schools: