Back to school resources 2021

On this page you will find various resources developed by OAST and its partners that can be used to support your promotion of active school travel as a Covid-friendly alternative to the car and school bus during Back to School 2021.

New items will be added as they are received and additional contributions are welcome by contacting us.

Social Media

These social media post designs were developed by OAST and appear on our Twitter @OntarioAST and Facebook @GreenCommunitiesCan feeds as well as sponsored content. We encourage you to like, share, and re-tweet these messages.

Here are some sample messages you can use on social media along with the designs.

Practice your route ad #1
Practice your route ad #2
Entraînez-vous à parcourir votre chemin

Drive to 5 ad #1
Drive to 5 ad #2
Drive to 5 ad #3
Garez-vous à cinq

Get your walk on ad #1
Get your walk on ad #2
Get your walk on ad #3
Get your walk on ad #4
Ça marche

Get your wheel on
Ça roule

St. Thomas Elgin London Middlesex Oxford ASRTS Committee Ads

We encourage you to use these hashtags for all your social media postings from now through October.

#journeyoutside / #allonsdehors
#getyourwalkon / #çamarche
#getyourwheelon / #çaroule

Ready to Use Messages

Bike to School

Engaging Students & Parents

CAA School Zone Safety Tips

Walk to School Checklist for Parents

Sidewalk Smarts Passport to Independent Travel

OSTA Pedestrian Challenge Tracking Form 

OSTA Safety Tips Poster/Flyer

Walk to School Cards


STSWR Things You See Bingo

STSWR Traffic Signs Bingo

STSWR Bike Safety 

STSWR Infrastructure 

STSWR Benefits of AT 

OSTA iWalked Game Colouring Sheet

ParticipAction Family Walking Games & App

Other resources

Route to School Map Gallery

Walking Route Safety Checklist

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